Who We Are



 1)     All people are equal in the eyes of God.  We believe that all have access to the “inner light,” leading Friends to treat each person with respect, looking for “that of God” in everyone.


 2)    You need to deal honestly with all others and with oneself.  For Friends, having integrity means being authentic and having consistency between one’s values and one’s actions.


 3)     That you should nurture relationships and honor the diverse gifts, talents, and resources of the individuals and communities with whom you work.  While the Quaker faith is founded on the principle that every person can have a direct relationship with God, an equally central tenet lies in the power of the “gathered community.”


 4)    If you believe in limiting our consumerism, and resisting over-commitment.  Friends are known for their simplicity.  In contemporary terms we try to live lives in which activities and possessions do not get in the way of open and unencumbered communication with others and with one’s own spirituality.


 5)    If you believe in taking care of the Earth and its inhabitants.  Friends believe that they should use God’s gifts wisely, and strive to be good stewards of our natural environment, our talents, and our possessions.


 6)    If you believe that violence cannot lead to justice and sustainable peace in the world.  Quakers work to eliminate violence and injustice from our systems and working relationships by treating each other with respect, acting with integrity, and resolving differences through the intentional practice of non-violent methods.